RADIO2BIZ to relaunch Germany´s Best Instore Channel

RADIO2BIZ relaunched Germany´s best, license-free Instore music channel. A pleasant store ambience is a factor that increases in importance in Business-to-Customer marketing. An intelligent Instore Radio is one of the main components. It is the key to connect store architecture, selection and brand persuasively.

Neues Jahr - Neue Ideen! Die Fußball-WM kommt.

Neues Jahr - Neue Ideen! Die Fussball-WM steht vor der Tür, sozusagen, und wir freuen uns darauf. Auf tolle Spiele, spannende Atemlosigkeit und kühles Bier. Was uns auf die Idee brachte, WM News in Kompaktform anzubieten. Online anlieferbar, bezahlbar und sehr gut an Ihre Lieferanten zu vermarkten. Professionell recherchiert und produziert. Als attraktiver Bestandteil Ihres Instore-Musikprogramms.

Instore Radio combined with Instore TV

A convincing combination! The football world cup 2018 is the perfect start for the drinks industry utilize Instore Radio and Instore TV at the same time. The customer will see what he will hear. Not only offers but also promotions of suppliers can be boosted with this combination. An optimal platform with an intelligently crafted schedule. Developed particularly for our customers.

Case Study – Performance put to a test

We are preparing a Case Study in order to test the capabilities of the sales boosting effect of our concept. In collaboration with one of our customers, we implemented new Instore spots in a test store to compare the results with the regular stores later on. Main product lines but also product groups are going to be focused with the advertising. With this project, we want to gain viable data to optimize our program structure.

Porsche ACTIVE PHONE updated telephone holding loop

For several years now, we successfully supervise the telephone holding loop of the Porsche Centers in Germany with our ACTIVE PHONE solution. The Messages in these loops are being updated regularly overnight. Centralized and without effort for the staff if the Porsche Centers. With this, new products, promotions and image messages can be implemented quickly and professionally.

High-Quality Music. License free. Worldwide.

High quality music, optimized in tempo, genre and pitch level for sales areas. This is the aspiration that we continue to work with. Our music streams are being progressively updated and perfected in order to offer high quality music channels without licensing costs. This grants an enormous saving potential while remaining on a high level of quality.
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