Phone Audio.

Whoever calls you, hears a professional company. Landline or cellular network. Updates for all your terminals. Overnight. Without effort.

More of the same.

Let´s be honest. How often are you trapped in a holding line, hearing the same loop over and over again until you know it by heart? Neatly crafted but boring? And it is there every time you call the number? Right, too often. Time to change that.

New means interesting.

Every caller is a free contact. Someone, who can be impressed by your message. Lively, actual, on point. You will create curiosity. And curiosity always has the chance to be transferred to sales.

Seasonal or monthly updates. Easy.

With our ACTIVE PHONE system, we are able to update your messages low-priced and efficiently. Overnight to all your terminals. Without effort for you and for all common telephone systems.

Active Phone

  • Telephone holding loop after answering the call
  • Message for call answering
  • Automatic answering
  • Music selection and Licensing (if necessary)
  • Professional voices
  • text creation
  • broadcastable versions in radio quality
  • hardware solutions for digital updates for your Telephone holding loops
  • Compatible for all common telephone systems
  • No internal effort, no maintenance necessary

Easy and comfortable. Just find the fitting voice and music in our library and send us your text. Your unique telephone message will be there in no time.

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